Centennial Project Gifts


Honoring our Zion stories with gifts that reflect our gratitude

Zion Lutheran 1922-2022

Was 1972 the year you were baptized, confirmed or married at Zion? The year of your first child or grandchild? Or perhaps the year you lost a loved one? Designate a centennial gift of $1.97, $19.72, $197.20 or $1972.00 to reflect your story!  Can’t decide which year to use? Add them together and give a double gift!

Centennial Mission Projects

We will continue to collect gifts throughout the year for the following projects:

In Tanzania:       Medical training scholarships for young women
                            Oxygen concentrator units

In Chile:             Mental health care, Offered by EPES and our Zion sponsored missionary Karen Anderson

Centennial Zion Projects

Zion Organ Fund. Zion’s pipe organ is in need of maintenance and repair. It will cost approximately $15,000.

Zion Carpet Fund.  The carpeting throughout our church is aging. Replacing it can be done in sections. The entire project will cost $75,000.00.

Mortgage Reduction. There are four years left on the Crossroad addition mortgage. Contributions to this fund would shorten this time, expanding Zion’s capacity for other mission funding.

Centennial Expenses Fund. For expenses incurred in Centennial events.  Any excess will go to other Centennial projects.


Perhaps you would like to donate to one of these projects in honor or memory of a loved one. Checks should be written to Zion Lutheran Church with a notation about the project you wish to support. You may also donate to the Centennial funds electronically.  Click Here to contribute to a Centennial Project.