Silent Auction

Time, talent, and treasure…

A silent auction celebrating these gifts will be held July 30th and 31st
as part of our summer centennial weekend!  Start dreaming now about
what you can contribute to this fun summer event.  In past years, Zion
members have donated gifts of time such as offering to rake someone’s
lawn, or wash someone’s windows, babysit, or take someone out for a
day of fishing.  Talents have been shared, such as baking a dessert,
cooking a delicious meal or taking pictures at someone’s special event.
A treasure could be a beautiful piece of jewelry, an heirloom clock, a
theme basket, something you have built or knitted or carved or painted.
The possibilities are endless!  Start dreaming, thinking, and creating! 
There are forms in the office or HERE you may use for  donating
your time, talent, or treasures. Please contact Missy Brock with questions.