Faith Formation Mission

“The Faith Formation Team shall nurture the lifelong faith formation and spiritual development of the congregation and community”



Your Faith Formation Team has alternatives ready to address all scenarios from starting out virtual to transitioning to getting together in some fashion when we are able.   Look for a steady stream of information coming out over the next many weeks.

We do know we will be starting the Sunday Programing as virtual.  We have developed a very fun concept that will allow the children to select the various fun subjects they might want to review.  This is for 3 year old up through 4th grade students.

For preconfirmation (5th & 6th grade), virtual curriculum is currently planned for Wednesday evenings.

Because we are expecting to be able to physically get together at some point as well as helping us determine approximate number of materials (when used) will be needed, we have posted a registration form for the “Sunday Programming”.   Click on the link below to register or contact to get a printed copy mailed to you if needed:

                            3year old thru 6th Grade “Sunday Programming” Registration Form

We do have some dates of things coming up listed on the calendar, below.   We will update this periodically.

Look for some exciting things to come!

Faith Formation Dedicated Calendar of Events