Zion Small Groups

Let’s re-imagine, together, small groups at Zion as building relationships with others around shared interests & needs.   From Guitar, to Wood Working, to Specific Bible Study, to Sports Activity, to technology, to……………….?   The possibilities are endless!

If you would like to be a group coordinator of a specific interest/topic or simply would like to be part of a group with a special topic that is of interest to you, contact Brad Connor (Faith Formation Team) at 320-905-5661/connorbrad@ymail.com or the Faith Formation Office.   Brad will act as the “clearing” house to make sure we all get connected.

Following is the start of the list for active Small Groups:



GROUP                    COORDINATOR

Zion Guitar Small Group                Brad Connor (connorbrad@ymail.com)

The purpose of the groups is to gather together monthly for fun, fellowship and learning from each other.   We would have people at all levels of playing skill.  It doesn’t matter the ability, there is always something to be learned/enjoyed.