Brief History of Zion Lutheran Church

1920: Norwegian speaking Lutherans in the Litchfield, Minnesota area start gathering for worship and form Zion Norsk Menighet.
1922: Zion Norwegian Lutheran church was incorporated but the congregation met in different buildings until 1931.
1931: Zion purchased Emmanuel Lutheran Church on Darwin Street in Litchfield and worshiped at this “Old Zion” until 1962 while Zion was part of a three church parish.
1945: Zion and Ness Lutheran Church became a two point parish, and Zion became less ethnically Norwegian as did the national church it was part of.
1950s: Zion underwent considerable numerical growth and “Old Zion” became too small.
1962: On Palm members of Zion walked from “Old Zion” to their new sanctuary at 5th  and North Gilman in Litchfield.
1967: Zion became its own parish.
1970s: Zion grew sufficiently so that it had several pastoral interns (vicars) and called a second pastor in 1977 and added a Director of Christian Education.
1984: Zion undertook a major remodeling enclosing its open courtyard to become Fellowship Court.
1987: The Kids of the Kingdom Child Care Center opened.    
1994: A major remodeling project added thirty feet to the front of the sanctuary and a new wing of offices.
2000: A weekly contemporary worship service was added in addition to the classic Lutheran service.

2005: A major remodeling project added the Crossroads area, youth rooms and day care rooms.
2022: Zion is celebrating its centennial throughout the year.

Throughout this brief history, the news of the suffering, resurrected Christ has been shared for several generations and this “Sharing and Growing in God’s Love” has been and is Zion’s mission.