Kids of the Kingdom Mission Statement

We, at Kids of the Kingdom, see child care as a family strengthening service.  We are proud to offer Christian Child Care as an outreach ministry of Zion Lutheran Church in Litchfield, MN.  The policies and procedures of Kids of the Kingdom are set for the purpose of establishing a well-organized and nurturing environment.  We strive to meet the needs of all children in our care, in all areas of their development.

Each child in our center is recognized for their unique God-given talents.  We will work with families and the communities to best meet the needs of all children in our care.  It is the goal of Kids of the Kingdom to assist all children in our care to develop to their fullest potential, both socially and academically.

Children will be provided with a variety or learning experiences throughout the day, in both structured and non-structured ways.  We at Kids of the Kingdom will help children develop healthy personalities, form values, develop empathy, positive feelings towards themselves and others, a positive self-image and good relationships with others.

All children will be in a positive and stimulating home-like atmosphere in which they will be given unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.  Our goal is to assist parents in developing happy, secure, empathetic, and well-disciplined children.